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Winter in My Heart : A Witch's Guide to Winter (In-Person)

Discover why winter is the true season of the witch! When autumn is over and the world grows cold, witches take this time to retreat inward to work on the strongest magic. Join witches Christina Rosso-Schneider and Ash Yezuita as they explore the potent energy of The Hermit and winter! With the darkest nights and dormant energy, witches harness their power and spells, create medicines for cold spells, and carefully plant their intentions. A Novel Idea welcomes you to a workshop that combines both lecture and learning with ritual and rites aligned to winter magic. Practitioners will learn potent spellwork aligned to the cold season, the planning and routines for the Winter Herbalist, and divination for the astrological transitions in the winter.

Let’s cozy up, sip our teas, and prepare for our Yuletide greetings! This class includes various modalities of magic including lecture, meditation, Tarot and divination, simple herbal medicine making, and active ritual.


Friday, December 15th 7-9pm at A Novel Idea




About the Instructors
Ash Yezuita (they/them) is a heathen and witch for two decades who teaches a variety of courses on the occult, including A Novel Idea’s Sabbat School. They also host ANI’s Queer Book Club, which meets every other month via Zoom.


Christina Rosso-Schneider (she/they) is the author of Creole Conjure and She is a Beast. She co-owns A Novel Idea on Passyunk and teaches a variety of writing and occult-based classes through the bookstore.  They have been exploring the witch path for nearly a decade.