Dead Girls


Dead Girls

From the award-winning author of Golden Boy comes a riveting novel that traces one girl’s journey to understand what happened to her best friend, and what it might mean to be a girl.

Eastcastle, England, in the late 1990s, is a peaceful, rural community, where children disappear into wheat fields to play until nightfall. When Thera’s best friend, Billie, goes missing, Thera assumes Billie is merely off on another adventure. It’s not until she’s questioned by detectives that Thera begins to suspect that the worst has happened and starts asking questions of her own: What is a pervert? Why are girls particularly at risk? Why do the men around her think she’s theirs to touch? Since the adults in town are not forthcoming with answers and urged on by what she believes to be Billie’s ghost, Thera decides to launch an investigation of her own. It’s the nineties. Girls can do anything. there will hunt down the killer herself.


Biographical Note:

Abigail Tarttelin is the author of feminist crime thriller Dead GirlsAbigail’s second novel, Golden Boy, about intersex teen Max Walker, won an American Library Association ALEX Award and was shortlisted for LAMDBA’s Best LGBT Debut. She loves talking to readers and regularly speaks at schools, reading groups and book clubs. Find out more at Tweet her @ajktarttelin or follow on Instagram @abigailtarttelin_