This Distance

This Distance book cover

This Distance

Wannabe astrophysicists and screenwriters, star gazers and time travelers, a foul mouthed Chris Hemsworth, a sitcom star lamenting her station in life while wearing a fake pregnant belly, and even a cult author kidnapped by the very secret society his work spawned—all of them get to have their say in This Distance. Dramatic, violent, comical, sad, and occasionally hopeful, Nick Gregorio’s first collection of short stories puts the human need to connect on display with grit, humor, and compassion.

“Wow—what a wonderfully deranged carnival ride!” – Joshua Mohr, author of Sirens and All This Life

“Gregorio’s stories happen at the intersection of Carver’s America and wherever Doctor Strange’s sling ring wants to go. These stories are excellent.” – Bud Smith, author of Teenager

“Gregorio pulls you in before you even know what happened. He develops such strong plots he leaves you no choice but to binge read.” – Claire Hopple, author of
Too Much of the Wrong Thing