From single session to six-week intensives, we offer a variety of classes for all types of folks.

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She is a Beast: Writing the Monstrous Female (Online)

Monstrous female figures lurk in myths and folktales, terrorizing with their talons, wings, and insatiable hunger. Our culture teaches women and those deemed as other that it is dangerous and ugly to step outside of society’s allotted bounds. What if this was embraced instead of feared?


In this six-week workshop, we will study monstrous figures such as Medusa and the Harpies, comparing earlier versions with more contemporary, feminist ones. The class will culminate in shaping our own she-beasts to be workshopped as a group.


Dates and Times:
Tuesdays, 7pm-9pm EST
May 31st, June 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th, & July 5th




This workshop will be held via Zoom.


About the Instructor

Christina Rosso-Schneider lives and writes outside of Philadelphia with her two rescue pups and bearded husband. Together they run an independent bookstore and event space called A Novel Idea on Passyunk. In 2016, Christina received her MFA in Creative Writing and MA in English from Arcadia University. She is the author of CREOLE CONJURE (Maudlin House, 2021) and SHE IS A BEAST (APEP Publications, 2020). Her writing has been nominated for Best of the Net, Best Small Fictions, and the Pushcart Prize. For more information, visit or find her on Twitter @Rosso_Christina.


Sabbat School: Litha (Midsommar) (In-Person)

Witches and pagans across the world celebrate annual holidays called sabbats. A Novel Idea invites you on a year-long journey detailing the histories, mythologies, and rituals of eight common “witch celebrations.” Each class is taught 1 – 2 weeks prior to the day. This way, attendees can use this knowledge gained to celebrate the holiday with the knowledge and prepared ritual pieces! Each session may be purchased  along with an add-on ritual kit that aligns to the classwork! Payment plans are available. Inquire at


Litha, or Midsummer (Midsommar), takes place on the Summer Solstice, the longest day in the year. The solstice has been celebrated among many different cultures in a variety of ways for thousands of years. Join us on June 10, 2022 to learn the details of midsommar ritual. We will focus on academic understandings of the holiday and pair it with divination, herbs, spell work, and other modes of popular celebration.


The class also focuses on the importance of magical space – both where we choose to honor and worship Earth and our at-home altars. Discuss liminality in the woods and throughout our beautiful and incredible cityscape. During our class time, we will come together to create sun plaques each practitioner can take home to their personal altar. Decorate your plaque with beautiful gems, glitters, and ribbons (provided) or your own pieces from home.


This class will take place at A Novel Idea on Passyunk on Friday, June 10th from 6-9pm. Masks are required for all attendees.


About the Instructor

Ash Yezuita, heathen and witch for two decades, will introduce new folks to the solstice and deepen the practice of long-time celebrants as we come together for a three-hour session. The three hours include lecture, discussion, and an opportunity to create and prepare your personal Litha celebrations.




Litha Ritual Kit

Litha, also known as Midsummer, celebrates the start of the Summer season. We embrace the longest day cycle in the calendar year with joy and excitement. The date of the solstice in 2022 is June 21st. We celebrate the strength and empowerment that comes from the Sun’s rays and honor the vast array of Sun deities. This day is considered liminal and magical with large statues and figures across the globe gaining power at this sacred time. Rituals celebrating midsummer can be as elaborate as arts, crafts, bonfires and feasts or as simple as meditating in the grass on your front steps.


Ritual Kit Items

  • Ritual Walkthrough 
  • Incense Cone
  • Litha Anointing Oil – sage, rosemary, almond, Tiger’s Eye
  • White Tealight Candle
  • Handmade Beeswax Candle Melt – rose, marigold, orange
  • Tiger’s Eye Crystals
  • Sun Tarot Sticker