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Sabbat School: Lughnasadh (Lammas) (Online)

Witches and pagans across the world celebrate annual holidays called sabbats. A Novel Idea invites you on a year-long journey detailing the histories, mythologies, and rituals of eight common “witch celebrations.” Each class is taught two weeks prior to the day. This way, attendees can use this knowledge gained to celebrate the holiday with the knowledge and prepared ritual pieces! The series has optional add-on ritual kits that align to the classwork and help with ritual preparation.


Lughnasadh, or Lammas, initiates the harvest season. This sabbat takes place July 31-August 1 each year. Join us on July 14, 2021 to learn the details of Lughnasadh history and ritual. We will focus on academic understandings of the holiday and pair it with divination, herbs, spell work, and other modes of popular celebration.


This course will also focus on the creation of the witch’s altar and the offering of deity-based worship. We will discuss the most common uses, pieces, and reasons behind a witch having an altar or altars. As Lughnasadh acts as a perfect time for tool gathering, attendees will learn of different ways altars are crafted and utilized in various spellwork and worship (if part of a witch’s practice).


Sabbat School Dates (The workshops will start virtually, with the possibility of moving to a hybrid model)


Lughnasadh – Wednesday, July 14th 6-9pm ET 

Mabon – Friday, September 10th 6-9pm ET 

Samhain – Sunday, October 17th 6-9pm ET 

Yule – Sunday, December 12th 6-9pm ET

Imbolc – Thursday, January 20th 6-9pm ET

Ostara – Monday, March 7th 6-9pm ET

Beltane – Tuesday, April 19th 6-9pm ET


About the Instructor

Ash Yezuita, heathen and witch for two decades, will introduce new folks to Lughnasadh and deepen the practice of long-time celebrants as we come together for a three-hour session. The three hours include lecture, discussion, and an opportunity to create and prepare your personal Lughnasadh celebrations.


Pricing Options

Single session admission: $55-65 sliding scale/pay-what-you-can