From single session to six-week intensives, we offer a variety of classes for all types of folks.

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Mabon Ritual Kit

This kit is perfect for witches of all levels to celebrate Mabon! You can purchase this to use for the Mabon workshop on September 10th or to use on your own.



beeswax, apple container, essential oil, coconut oil, red candle and six seeds, protection crystals, fireside incent cone, shadow work journaling pages and divination spread, cinnamon tea or mulling spices, ritual walkthrough




Artistic Articulation

Bone articulation, or the act of piecing a specimen together, is an academic task as well as an artistic endeavor. This specific class is an introduction to artistic bone articulation. Each student will be provided with a variety of reptile, bird, and small mammal bones and a shadow box or small pedestal for display. They will be shown how to glue and wire everything together and can make their own unique hybrid creations or create something more natural. Everyone will go home with their own custom piece. No animals are harmed for these classes or in the acquisition of these material. We work closely with breeders who save their deceased, zoos, abatement workers, and even source roadkill when legal and available.


Every student will bring home their own personalized bone monster just in time for Halloween.


Only 12 tickets available!


Saturday, October 16th 6-9pm at A Novel Idea on Passyunk

*All participants must wear masks during the workshop


About the Instructor

Mark Breen is a biomedical engineer and artist living in Philadelphia.  His passions for science and nature have led him to work with zoos, museums, nature reserves, and research facilities. Mark creates scientific art from deceased animals so that the natural wonders he adores can live on and continue to educate even after death through the fascinating process of bone articulation. Find him @beakersandbones on Instagram to see examples of his work.


Pricing Options:

$175-200 sliding scale/pay-what-you-can