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Our beautiful bookstore - winter 2019

What we do.

We host a variety of events at A Novel Idea, from author readings and signings to workshops to book clubs and story times. In our first year, we held an astonishing 233 events! 70% of which were free or suggested donation. We have numerous events that run monthly, such as our open mic, book clubs, and pay-what-you-can tarot salon. Our goal is to offer regular events to the community that are interesting and innovative. To stay up to date on A Novel Idea events, check out our calendar. If you’re interested in hosting an event, please reach out to us. We are currently booking virtual events for Winter 2020.

Upcoming Special Events

Tarot Salon: Astrology + The Tarot (Online)

Tarot Salon: Astrology + The Tarot
Sunday, August 2nd 4-5:30pm EST via Zoom
Tarot Salon is a casual, discussion-based workshop where you can learn something new, share your own experiences, and practice reading tarot with your friends and neighbors!
This month we’ll learn how astrology can deepen our tarot practice. We’ll discuss the zodiac associations of each of the cards, and we’ll uncover the Major Arcana + Minor Arcana + court cards that correspond to each of our Sun signs!

Tarot Salon August


Introduction to Runes (Online)

“Runes shalt thou find / and fateful signs” – The Poetic Edda


Runic magic – allegedly practiced as early as the 1st century CE – utilizes the use of various Germanic alphabets (most commonly the Elder Futhark). As a contemporary divination tool, it found favor through Germanic mysticism and popularized in the 1980’s after extensive interest and research to Scandinavian magical history.


We will spend time together discussing a brief history of runes, their mundane purpose, and the magical use of these symbols. In the time, each participant will make their own set of runes (with paper and pen) to then practice divining with if they so choose (individually or collectively). Led by Ash Yezuita.


Tuesday, August 4th 7-9pm EST via Zoom

$15-25 sliding scale

Sliding Scale

August Community Drafts Open Mic (Online)

Join us for the August VIRTUAL edition of Community Drafts Open Mic via Zoom. Open to artists of all genres. Performances will begin at 8pm, with a short intermission halfway through. We ask all performers to keep it to 5 minutes or under.


Friday, August 7th 8pm EST


Signups will be taken care of at the beginning of the event.


Suggested $5 donation.


This event will be hosted via Zoom. Register now!


Virtual Community Writing Group

Join us for Virtual Community Writing Group, a meetup for writers to discuss writing and get feedback on their work. The meetup will consist of time for freewriting based on prompts, reflection on the writing process, and informal peer review.


Feel free to bring short pieces to workshop (1-2 poems, flash fiction, or short sections from a longer short story, essays, and novels (up to 1,000 words).


Thursday, August 13th 7-9pm EST via Zoom

$10-20 sliding scale

Run by Christina-Rosso Schneider

Sliding Scale

Independent Bookstore Day Reading (Online)

Join us for an evening celebrating Independent Bookstore Day and local Philadelphia authors. The event will feature readings from Angelo Colavita, Maribel Garcia, Berry Grass, Andrew Katz, Daralyse Lyons, Sara Nović, Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, and John Vercher.


Saturday, August 29th 7pm EST

via Zoom

Suggested $5 Donation. All proceeds will go to the performers.


August Witches' Circle (Online)

Join us for our virtual Witches’ Circle, an informal meetup to discuss any and all things magick, witchcraft, and wellness. We meet via Zoom!


Suggested $5 donation. A handful of free tickets are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Please make sure your name on Zoom matches the name you register with. We will only let in those on the list