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We host a variety of events at A Novel Idea, from author readings and signings to workshops to book clubs and storytimes. In our first two years, we held an astonishing 400 events! 70% of which were free or suggested donation. We have numerous events that run monthly, such as our open mic and three book clubs. Our goal is to offer regular events to the community that are interesting and innovative. To stay up to date on A Novel Idea events, check out our calendar. If you’re interested in hosting an event, please reach out to us at We are currently booking virtual events for December 2021.

Upcoming Special Events

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The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean for Lasting Legacy (Online)

Join us for an evening with Tricia Brouk & Mari Carmen Pizarro, as we celebrate The Influential Voice.


Tuesday, June 15th 6pm ET via Zoom
Suggested $5 Donation


Mari Carmen is the Founder of Whole Leadership Systems, a boutique consulting firm dedicated to developing High Performing Executives and Leaders. She has over 25 years of experience in Human Resources Leadership and High Performance Science and is an expert at integrating emotional intelligence, influence and inspirational leadership. A seasoned Keynote and TEDx speaker, Mari Carmen captivates audiences all over the world, bridging the multicultural and diversity gaps with her content.


Tricia Brouk is an international award-winning director. She founded The Big Talk Academy and was the executive producer of TEDxLincolnSquare. She curates the Speaker Salon in NYC, hosts The Big Talk an award-winning podcast and her book, The Influential Voice: Saying What You Mean For Lasting Legacy was #1 pre- order new release on Amazon.


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An Evening with Gerald Easter & Mara Vorhees (Online)

In September 1771, the Dutch merchant ship Vrouw Maria was bound for St Petersburg, Russia, filled with paintings for the art collection of the Empress Catherine the Great, when a violent squall sent the ship and her cargo to the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Two and a half centuries later, the Vrouw Maria has been found and her cargo is intact. But standing in the way of a salvage is 41 meters of icy water and an international controversy over ownership and archeological practices. Authors Gerald Easter and Mara Vorhees present their book, THE TSARINA’S LOST TREASURE Catherine the Great, A Golden Age Masterpiece and A Legendary Shipwreck, guaranteed to include lively discussions of art, history, shipwrecks, archeology, and adventure.


Wednesday, June 16th 7pm ET via Zoom
Suggested $5 Donation


Gerald Easter and Mara Vorhees are a husband-wife team with a combined 40 years of experience traveling, researching and writing, mostly about Russia. Gerald Easter is a professor at Boston College who has been teaches and writes about Russian politics and history. Mara Vorhees is a travel writer who has contributed to more than 40 Lonely Planet guidebook editions to destinations around the world, including Russia and Finland.

Easter Vorhees Rauma
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An Evening with Sophia Demas and Patricia Pearce (Online)

Join us for an evening with authors Sophia Demas and Patricia Pearce.


Wednesday, June 23rd 6pm ET via Zoom
Suggested $5 Donation


Sophia Demas did not want to get married, have children, or write a book; the Universe, however, had other plans. In her memoir, Sophia examines the events in her life that at first seemed to be a series of coincidences, but upon further consideration were building blocks of the miraculous. The Divine Language of Coincidence chronicles the extraordinary events experienced by an ordinary woman, asserting that miracles are not only possible but far more common than we may realize.


Sophia has enjoyed three diverse careers in architecture, fashion, and mental health private practice. She also created Living a Fearless Life, a twelve-workshop program designed to help society’s most at-risk women increase their self-esteem, which was piloted in the Philadelphia Prison System and implemented with groups of ex-trafficked and ex-homeless women and women in recovery. Writing a book was never on Sophia’s radar, but once she realized the truth about her miracles, she knew she had to tell the world.


Patricia Pearce was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. After graduating from college she served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Andes of Ecuador, an experience that set her on a path of spiritual exploration and into ordained ministry. For seventeen years she served as a pastor, but in the early 2000’s, following the death of a close friend, she experienced a spiritual awakening which showed her the fundamental interconnectedness of Reality, the illusion of separateness, and the fallacy of the egoic self. The insights from her awakening led her beyond the bounds of conventional Christian belief, and in 2010 she left the church to embark on a vocation of writing, speaking, and teaching. She is the author of two books: Beyond Jesus: My Spiritual Odyssey; and No One in I Land: A Parable of Awakening. Visit her website at

All But True Series: David Huddle & Ginger Eager (Online)

Join us for the July edition of the All But True Series, featuring authors David Huddle & Ginger Eager.


Thursday, July 1st 6:30pm ET via Zoom

Suggested $5 Donation


On the outside, the aged Ms. Hazel Hickscould be taken for a stereotype—what would in her day have been called a spinster. Yet, as David Huddle reveals in his novel Hazel, she’s the most remarkable person in her small Vermont town. With fictional techniques as varied as Hazel’s personality quirks, the book explores her life from multiple angles. A long-time teacher at Bread Loaf and the University of Vermont, Huddle is the acclaimed author of more than 20 books.


“Hazel’s would seem to be the life story of one who has no life. Nevertheless, owing to her creator’s utterly assured, sympathetic, multifaceted storytelling, she is never a tragic figure or even a pitiable one. Rather, she appears with the contradictions, self-inflicted wounds (and blessings) the reader recognizes as belonging to life. Don’tmiss Hazel Hicks.” —Castle Freeman, Jr


Winner of the AWP Award Series in the Novel, Ginger Eager’s The Nature of Remains takes us behind the scenes in a hardscrabble Georgia town. Class struggles, gender discrimination, domestic violence—all the typical problems are here, and yet the characters emerge with an individuality that makes us root for them even when they’re clearly in the wrong.


“With the wrenching simplicity of Kent Haruf and the dark southern lyricism of Daniel Woodrell, Ginger Eager has generated a story that’s tragic and restrained, piercing, compassionate, and incredibly wise in the ways of human nature.”—Paula McLain, author of Love and Ruin and The Paris Wife


“Doreen Swilley is a feminist everyman, and her struggles to find justice and softness . . . broke my heart in all the best ways.” —Joshilyn Jackson, author of the Almost Sisters and The Opposite of Everyone

This event is in partnership with New Door Books.


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Community Drafts Open Mic (Online)

Join us for the VIRTUAL edition of Community Drafts, A Novel Idea’s monthly open mic. Open to artists of all genres. Performances will begin at 8pm. We ask all performers to keep performances to 5-7 minutes.


Friday, July 9th 8pm EST via Zoom


Signups will be taken care of at the beginning of the event.


Suggested $5 donation. Free tickets are always available.

A Love Story Virtual Release Party

Join us for the virtual release party for A Love Story by Joanna C. Valente (Vegetarian Alcoholic Press).


A Love Story inspects the bleakest corners of the heart, unwinding our concept of identity and being through a strange, unknown universe that we often grapple to understand and make sense of. These poems are a symphony within an unopened box. Do we choose to open it and find what’s inside? Are we brave enough to go deeper to find what we ourselves contain?


Tuesday, July 13th 7pm Et via Zoom

Suggested $5 Donation


Stephanie Valente
Constantine Jones
Kristine Slentz
Jennifer Huang
Blake Z. Rong


Joanna C. Valente is a human who lives in Brooklyn, New York, and is the author of Sirs & Madams (Aldrich Press, 2014), The Gods Are Dead (Deadly Chaps Press, 2015), Marys of the Sea (The Operating System, 2017), Xenos (Agape Editions, 2016), Sexting the Dead (Unknown Press, 2018), and A Love Story (Vegetarian Alcholic Press, 2021). They are the editor of A Shadow Map: An Anthology by Survivors of Sexual Assault (CCM, 2017). Joanna received a MFA in writing at Sarah Lawrence College, and is also the founder of Yes, Poetry, a managing editor for Luna Luna Magazine and CCM, as well as an instructor at Brooklyn Poets. Some of their writing has appeared in Brooklyn Magazine, Prelude, Apogee, Spork, The Feminist Wire, BUST, and elsewhere.